Bridgewater lends support to St Kitts Sailing Associaiton

The St. Kitts Yacht Club received encouragement and support from the St. Kitts and Nevis Olympic Committee.

SKNOC President Alphonso Bridgewater was on hand on Saturday 13th May at Frigate Bay to lend support to the St. Kitts Yacht Club. The Yacht Club staged a double event on that day.

Firstly, the Club delivered another in a series of training sessions for youths interested in taking up the Olympic sport of Sailing. Secondly, there was a ceremony to commemorate the relocation of the St. Kitts Yacht Club’s “Club House”/Base from the South East Peninsular.

President Bridgewater indicated that he was happy to be present to “encourage the newest member of the SKNOC which was formally accepted at the SKNOC’s November 2016 General Assembly”.

The president pointed out that he was “excited about the future prospects of sailing offering an additional option to Track and Field in St Kitts and Nevis participating in the Olympics, Commonwealth, Central & American and Caribbean Games”.

President Bridgewater was highly appreciative of the partnership among the Executive and membership of the St. Kitts Yacht Club, the parents of the foundational youth participants, the Frigate Bay Development Corporation (represented by Chairman Mark Wilkin) and the Federal Government represented by the Honourable Lindsay Grant, who is also the Minister with responsibility for the Frigate Bay Corporation.

President Bridgewater spoke fondly of a partnership which stood out in his mind, namely, the “very positive working relationship between the St. Kitts Yacht Club and the Nevis Yacht Club (also present at the event). In fact, what obtains is an autonomous St. Kitts Yacht Club and an autonomous Nevis Yacht Club both of which come together to form the St. Kitts and Nevis Sailing Association — the formal member Federation represented in the St Kitts and Nevis National Olympic Committee.”

The SKNOC President encouraged the sailing community to hold him and his executive’s feet to the fire with respect to representing their interests. He recommitted the SKNOC’s resources available to the Sailing Federation and requested that the St. Kitts and Nevis Sailing Association complement that support from the SKNOC with that available from its International and Continental Associations and Government.

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