CANOC executives in Peru for Panam Sports meeting

Several CANOC members are in attendance at the Executive Meeting of the Pan American Sports Organisation (Panam Sports), currently taking place in Lima, Peru, 13 – 14 March 2018.

Keith Joseph (3rd Vice President), Veda Bruno-Victor, Alphonso Bridgewater, Mr. Alain Jean-Pierre and Ms. Nicole Hoevertsz, all executive members of Panam Sports, are at the meeting along with Mr. Michael Fennell, invited by the President.

Treasurer of the organisation, Mr. Richard Peterkin, is unfortunately absent to pressing personal matters.

The first part of the programme featured a presentation of the proposed Panam Sports Strategic Plan, delivered by Mr. Benoit Girardin. Following an extensive discussion on all aspects of the draft plan, the Executive approved the document which will now be presented to the General Assembly at a later stage.

The afternoon session today saw the updated presentation on the status of the preparatory exercise by COPAL, the organizing Committee of the Pan Am Games, Lima2019.

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