Congratulations to the SKN Athletics that made it to Carifta 2022

Congratulations are indeed in order to the SKN Athletics and the entire support Team of the Athletes that made it to Carifta 2022.

But extra-special CONGRATULATIONS are due to the hurdler, Jermahd Huggins–who made it to the podium on two successive occasions in his speciality of hurdles (400m & 110m).

Put in perspective, against the challenges posed by Covid over the past 2 years, the accomplishment of Jermahd assumes even greater significance.

In light of a previous conversation we ( Delwayne & Bridgewater) would have had in focusing on the future of Track and Field, the outcomes of the Easter Weekend in Jamaica, from a SKN perspective, reinforces my view about the need to deliberately identify a core group of athletes and concentrate attention on them with opportunities to afford access into this core group by other athletes who demonstrate subsequent superlative standards/performances but were not originally part of that core group.

It takes approximately 8 years(minimum)–barring the exceptional- to produce a world class athlete. This is a rule of thumb that we should take on board.

Athletes who perform at the level we just witnessed by Jermahd are more likely than not to have graduated through the respective Primary & Secondary School Programmes, the Development Meet Schedule. This factor must not be understimated, undervalued.

Congratulations, once again, are extended, on my personal behalf, and on behalf of the SKNOC-CGA. May the performances of provide the shot in the arm, the inspiration that local Track and Field requires.

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