President of the SKNOC present at the Nevis Inter-Primary Schools Track and Field Competition

Alphonso Bridgewater, President of the St. Kitts and Nevis Olympic Committee Inc and Commonwealth Games Association and long-standing member of the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) Executive, was among the dignitaries present at the April 1st 2015 Nevis Inter-Primary Schools Track and Field Competition sponsored by Gulf Insurance.

In an interview with the Nevis media, President Bridgewater commented positively on the “longevity of the event” which is now very much looked forward to on the federal sports calendar. He explained that this is on the account of the “passion it evokes, the performances generated and the promises inspired by the young athletes.” Mr. Bridgewater, was careful to focus on the key words “Passion, performance and promise”, as he reiterated sentiments that held him spell bound as he witnessed this annual athletic display.

Mr. Bridgewater went on to encourage the organizers to strategize and advocate for an ‘All Weather track’ in Nevis, a development, he emphasized could only further inspire the athletes, sharpen their skills and improve the performance outcomes on the island of Nevis. This would undoubtedly improve the Federation’s athletic product.

Further, Mr. Bridgewater made reference, to the “Novel and creative use of the green painted grass to single out the actual track.” However, he recommended that closer attention be paid to the medal presentation ceremony which may benefit from a minor change that guard against “Deserving medallists having to compete with distractions during their moment of acknowledgement.”

In a concluding reference to the Annual Gulf Insurance Inter-Primary Track and Field Competition, President Bridgewater referred to the “Pioneering and demonstrative leadership role implemented by the organizers of this meet. He especially highlighted the technological advances applied to the staging of the event and credited the efforts of Mr. Lester Blackett and his team for a job well done.

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