SKNOC Statement Related to Coronavirus

This statement is an update to the position arrived at the SKNOC/CGA Executive Meeting held at Olympic House on Thursday, February 20,2020.

At that point, the SKNOC/CGA took the position to be guided, in its response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), by the combined information, instruction, advice and recommendations emerging from the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and local Government and Ministry of Heath Authorities.

Those Agencies, Bodies and Authorities continue to be the principal sources of advice, instruction and guidance that inform the SKNOC’s/CGA’s efforts to act responsibly, in the protection and safeguard of the health and wellness of its constituents (athletes, their support staff, administrative staff, officers and their family), in the wake of the challenges of the Coronavirus, described as a pandemic by the WHO.

Consequently, all athletes, coaches, trainers and other athlete-related support staff, SKNOC/CGA Executive and other leadership, plus Administrative Staff, Member Federations and the persons directly or indirectly related to SKNOC/CGA sponsored, affiliated or supported events, activities, camps, etc., are to be guided and impacted by the decisions and positions outlined below:

  • With respect to the status of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games scheduled for July 24 through to August 9:
    • the SKNOC/CGA accepts the position of the IOC who indicates that the Games are indeed still on as scheduled.
    • athletes are encouraged to continue vigorous preparation in safe environments. where opportunities for qualification purposes have been negatively impacted as a result of the Coronavirus, the IOC and its respective partners at the Continental level, the level of the International Federations (IFs), will seek to intervene to make adjustments in as fair, just and equitable a manner possible.

In short, athletes are strongly encouraged to prepare assiduously for their respective qualification and participation in Tokyo taking into consideration the latest information and guidance from their various IFs and other ruling and/or national bodies.

  • In light of the most recent developments concerning the ongoing challenges posed by the Coronavirus, including but not limited to, the international postponement and cancelation of training camps, qualification events, the cancelations of activities that attract spectators – in some instances, of as little as 250 persons; the cancellation and/or reduction of available air travel to and from actual and proposed venues for events, the record of actual cases of Coronavirus in growing numbers of countries, cities, towns, villages and communities (our own Caribbean area not to be outdone – has accounted for actual cases in some 19-20 Caribbean countries to date – the SKNOC/CGA:
    • has withdrawn all previous approval to travel to participate in any event as a representative of or with the support of the SKNOC/CGA. This action stands until further notice and the SKNOC/CGA, via official communication from the office of the President so advises.
    • This decision is equally attributable, but not limited to, participation in competitions, events, qualifiers, scholarship-related travel, attendance at seminars, workshops, conventions etc. Further, the decision is equally attributable to athletes as well as their support team, plus to Executive and other members of the SKNOC/CGA.
  • The SKNOC/CGA commits to the constant review of its position and resolves to always put primary emphasis on the health, well being, safety and security of its athletes, supporting staff and its constituents.
  • The SKNOC recommits to collaborating with the expert, knowledgeable, technical, human and other resources made available to it by the IOC, the WHO, National Government and Health Ministry to inform future actions in the immediate, short and long term.
  • To this end, an updated statement is to be expected by April 30th, 2020.

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