St Kitts and Nevis Olympic Committee (SKKNOC) launches its Olympic Bus into service

The St Kitts and Nevis Olympic Committee’s President, Alphonso Bridgewater, took advantage of the occasion of the convening of the 2015 General Assembly of the SKNOC to launch into service the newly acquired ‘Olympic Bus’.

The General Assembly held at the quaint, recently remodelled environment of the Ocean Terrace Inn (Hotel), in the capital town of Basseterre, so typical of the Kittitian-Nevisian hospitality – a venue not at all a stranger to the hosting of Olympic Events, including the SKNOC’s Gala 20th Anniversary Assembly.

In his remarks at the brief ceremony which preceded the start of the General Assembly, President Bridgewater made reference to the ‘partnership’ that the Olympic Bus, and the occasion, symbolized; the ‘protocol’ associated with the management, maintenance and movements of the vehicle; the ‘practices’ highlighted by the procurement of the vehicle; and the ‘price’.

According to Mr. Bridgewater, the acquisition of the Olympic bus is “a symbol of the essence of the partnership which embraces the wider Olympic family, the SKNOC, the Government and the private sector.”

The procurement of the vehicle, “in a very real sense”, continued President Bridgewater, “touches all aspects of the “PALS” strategic philosophy to which he subscribes in the modus operandi that drives the organization, namely, Partnership, Autonomy, Leadership and System.” Partnership, in this case, is further enhanced by the fact of membership. It is obvious that “active membership does have its benefits and privileges, as evidenced by what we are acknowledging today”, indicated the President. Autonomy is facilitated through the reduction in the dependence on private, personal or public transportation to execute certain tasks and functions. Leadership was illustrated in the negotiation and accomplishment of the prize and will be required in the follow-up and oversight. System will be demonstrated in the protocols put in place.

Speaking of protocol, the SKNOC Executive appointed a committee which presented for approval a comprehensive set of protocols – covering persons authorized to drive, insurance and maintenance matters. It becomes even more urgent, as a matter of practice, to insist that owners/operators of vehicles remove from their respective buses and other vehicles all unauthorized reference to the word “Olympic” and or the “Olympic Rings”.

In terms of what will obtain in practice, the SKNOC president made it clear that the intention is not to have the 14-seater Olympic Bus replace the school bus or other private/public transportation with respect to the transport of persons to and from practice and competitive sessions. The systems currently in place will remain. The principal purpose of the vehicle is to achieve the ‘operational excellence’ of the secretariat, management and leadership of the SKNOC.

On the issue of price, the procurement of the vehicle and other associated costs amount to some US $35,000.

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