The SKNOC’s General Meeting Pauses To Recognize The Passing Of Fidel Castro And Loss Of The Lives In The Plane That Crashed En Route To Colombia

The SKNOC’s General Meeting paused for a moment’s silence during its deliberations (of the 2016 Annual General Meeting and Elections), on Wednesday, 30th November 2016, to recognize the passing of former Cuban President, Fidel Castro and the loss of lives suffered in the plane crash which occurred over the skies of Colombia. Many of the lives lost in the crash were those of Brazilian Club footballers and accompanying officials/journalists enroute to Colombia for a championship fixture.

In reference to the plane crash, President Bridgewater expressed condolences on behalf of the Olympic and Sport fraternity through the representatives of the St. Kitts and Nevis Football Association who were present. It was noted that the sad moment was to be attributed relevant recognition at the start of, and throughout, the football fixtures scheduled for the upcoming weekend.

The unanimously re-elected President Bridgewater described Fidel Castro as a “herculean supporter of the Olympic and continental Pan American Movement” who demonstrated “an unmatched appetite for sharing time, manpower, money, knowledge, skills and experience with individuals, institutions and nations in need – particularly those of the Caribbean Region”. “It would be difficult to identify a more stubborn, active and positive an advocate for the power of sport in human endeavour”, continued President Bridgewater.

The SKNOC’s President took the time to express the condolences of the immediate SKN Olympic Family and his personal condolences on Fidel Castro’s passing – to the Cuban NOC President, Señor Jose Ramon, and his Executive. Don Ramon – the highly decorated and respected figure in Cuba – served, for an extended period as a colleague of SKNOC’s President Bridgewater, on the Executive Committee of the 41-nation Pan American Sports Organization (PASO). President Bridgewater, therefore, was keen to reach out to, and reassure, Señor Jose Ramon of the Cuban NOC, in this time of sadness and personal loss.

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